How Often Should I Replace Transmission Fluid?

Published on

March 4, 2024

mechanic changing the transmission fluid in a car

Transmission fluid is crucial to keeping your vehicle on the road. As you may know, the transmission is needed to transfer engine power to move your vehicle’s wheels. When you ignore such an important part of the transmission system, the fluid, you can experience significant wear and tear and issues changing gears.

Transmission fluid serves one primary purpose: lubrication. Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, your vehicle needs proper lubrication to allow for seamless operation. Depending on the transmission type, transmission fluid can last anywhere between 30,000 miles to 60,000 miles. If you aren’t sure, feel free to refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for your car’s make/model specific needs.

5 Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs a Transmission Fluid Flush

Mile intervals are simply an approximation of how often you should service your car’s transmission fluid. Depending on how rough you are on your vehicle and the conditions it runs in, you could require service more often or less often. Here are some key indicators that mean your transmission fluid requires attention:

1. Fluid Puddle

If you find a red fluid puddle under your parked vehicle, it is a good idea to check on your transmission fluid.

2. Roaring Noises While Accelerating Or Turning

If you hear strange noises especially during gear changes, it would be wise to check on your transmission fluid.

3. Challenges Shifting Gears

If the gearbox keeps slipping, it can present major problems while you’re on the road. As soon as you notice that your car can’t stay in gear, make sure to have all things concerning the transmission checked out.

4. Burning Odor

When your transmission fluid loses its lubricative properties, it is no longer efficient at minimizing friction in the system. Therefore, the system will get hotter than normal. As a result, you may notice a burning smell.

5. Warning Light Illuminated

Last but not least, a check engine light may illuminate as a result of transmission troubles. It doesn’t hurt to check this aspect of your transmission system when this warning shows up on your dash.

When you need your transmission fluid checked or serviced, do not hesitate to turn to the auto experts at GreatWater 360. We look forward to seeing you!