Is Rain-X Bad For My Windshield?

All drivers know how vital good visibility is, more so when driving through the rain or snow. Even though windshield wipers do an excellent job at clearing your windshield, your wipers can wear off over time. Rain-X is one of the few helpful windshield treatments that can work together with your wipers to ensure you have the best visibility.

What is Rain-X?

In simple terms, Rain-X is a silicone polymer solution that repels rain, water, and ice to help drivers attain a better view of the road in harsh weather. This treatment is hydrophobic, meaning it will prevent water from clinging onto the treated surface. This groundbreaking water repellent can last up to 60 days. You will need to remove and reapply the layer once you notice its effectiveness wearing off.

Will It Damage My Windshield?

No, not at all! It is marketed to be used on all the glass surfaces of your car, including the windshield, windows, rear glass, or car mirrors.

The only con is that it may leave a residue behind when the treatment starts to wear out. This is why it is essential to stick with it if you apply the Rain-X. It would be best to reapply or remove it off your windshield once it is no longer effective.

Will It Damage My Wipers?

No. Rain-X will prolong the life of your wipers by making your wipers work less as it eliminates water droplets easier. However, if you neglect to re-treat or remove Rain-X once it has served its time, the residue left behind will make your wipers squeak.

The Proper Way to Remove Rain-X

  1. Wet the windshield - Spray water on the windscreen using a hose, nozzle, or spray bottle.
  2. Wash the Glass with Soap or Shampoo - Using soap, wash your windshield.
  3. Rinse the Lather
  4. Use A Windshield Glass Cleaner - If there is any residue remaining, please use a glass cleaner to remove it.

Easy, right? Rain-X is a pretty easy tool to have alongside your wipers and lights to help you see and drive through the rain. If you need any auto services, including windshield wiper replacements, please do not hesitate to call or visit a GreatWater 360 shop today.

Rain-x on a windshield